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The Customer Success OS that works for you.
Enterprise Customer Success Platform
Customer Intelligence
Our technology, DNA-CX, works for you by harmonizing customer data regardless of volume, source, or complexity and enables the entire organization to derive insights and take action without the risks and challenges of data conversion on multiple data platforms.
Drive Accountability for Business Outcomes
Our solution provides post-sales, customer success teams with best practices and guided objectives with performance visibility for every stage of the customer journey.
Foster Enterprise-wide Engagement in Customer Centricity
Totango was designed to empower an entire organization to drive customer engagements at scale by putting customer insights at the center of their business.
Early Warning Systems
An Early Warning System works for you by allowing team members to be proactive in managing customers. With EWS, team members get alerted about customers from their portfolio requiring attention - be it a customer with deteriorating health or an upsell opportunity that is set to renew soon.
Customer Health Score
Clear classifications of customer health in green, yellow, or red. Totango's Rule-Based Customer Health Scores consolidate all the information about the customer, identify the area of opportunities, and offer a clear path for action. Get a high-level view and the granularity you need to identify and  
SuccessPlays are playbooks built based on best practices. The work for you by automatically triggering a set of tasks that an organization can configure in order to standardize team workflows. SuccessPlays give organizations the ability to improve workflow and achieve consistent and effective delive  
Revenue Center
Accurately plan, track, report and forecast your churn, renewal, and upsell revenue by portfolio or customer segment. Totango works for you, surfacing the data your company needs to make smart data-driven decisions.
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Single Unified View of Your Customer
Customer Health Score
Insights Dashboards/Scorecards
Customer Segmentation
Customer Success Playbooks
Email Campaigns
Community Edition
Community Edition
Perfect for organizations just getting started with customer success, Totango Community gives you the core functionality of a Customer Success platform so you can get started today.
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Enterprise Edition - Free Trial
For 60 Day(s)
Enterprise Edition - Free Trial
Test drive our Enterprise platform and get unlimited access to the Totango Spark. Perfect for companies who are well versed in the language of Customer Success and are looking for the best solution to meet their needs.
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