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SAP App Center Partner Cockpit Overview

SAP App Center Partner Cockpit Overview


May 18, 2020

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SAP App Center Partner Cockpit makes it possible for partners listed on SAP App Center to manage all aspects of their demand generation and deal management needs.
Primarily – SAP Partner Cockpit has 3 sets of capabilities:
  1. Opportunity Management
  2. Deal Management
  3. Reporting and Analytics
All partner’s who have signed the SAP App Center agreement and have apps listed on SAP App Center are eligible to use these capabilities
Logging in for the first time
Pre-Requisite: Partner contact S-User with E-Signer role
Before you can use the partner cockpit, you’ll have to sign the SAP App Center Agreement. If you haven’t already done so, please follow steps outlined.
  1. Please use the following link to access the partner cockpit. Login with your S-User. You will see the following screen
    Figure 1: Logged in as partner s user who has the e-signer role assigned but has not yet signed the agreement
    Please click on “here” (the access code will be sent to the email of the user).
  2. Upon entering the access code, continue here and electronically sign at the bottom.
  3. After signing, click on “Finish” and then you can download the copy or print it. Then click on “Continue” to go back to the LDMP.
    Re-directed to the Partner cockpit after signing the agreement process.
    Please wait for a confirmation email from DocuSign and then you can login and proceed.