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Benefits and Features Section

Benefits and Features Section


May 18, 2020

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The benefits section should be used to detail how your solution delivers business value. Use the features section to describe solution capabilities in more detail.
  1. Customer Benefits
  2. Customer Benefit Title
  3. Customer Benefit Description
  4. Features
  5. Feature Title
  6. Feature Description
  7. Feature Images
Customer Benefits
The benefits fields should be used to detail the main business value drivers of your solution. Use the features section to describe product features in more detail. These are value propositions, most often phrased in terms of the value a customer can drive in their business by using your product. We encourage you to display at least three business benefits on your product page.
Specifications: Your benefits will display on the overview page as in the below image.
Customer Benefit Title
Titles for the benefits should be written as short phrases beginning with a present tense verb. They should be phrased in terms of what impact a customer can drive in their business when they use this solution. Use sentence-style capitalization and do not include a period.
Specifications: Your titles should not exceed 80 characters with spaces.
Your title should be more specific such as “Avoid Breach Notifications and Reputational Risk” and “Protect Sensitive Data from Unauthorized Users”.
Don’t merely use “Save Time” or “Lower Cost” as your title. Many, many products also allow customers to do this.
Customer Benefit Description
Captions are one to two sentences in length and ideally bring together “what” the customer will be able to do with this solution with “how” they’ll be able to do it and “what” impact this will have on their business.
Specifications: You should not exceed 300 characters with spaces.
Describe how this solution will benefit the user in a detail description. Include some breve data or KPI´s.
“Increase communication within your team by using built-in collaboration tools, so you can shorten sales cycles and engage customers more responsively and effectively.”
Confuse value propositions with product capabilities or present the product as an end in itself. (e.g. “Enjoy Faster BI”).
Go too high-level. (e.g. “Achieve real business outcomes”, “Drive business improvements”).
Simply list a string of adjectives. (e.g. “Fast, Simple, Powerful”).
This section gives you room to outline the key features or functions of your solution. You can use this section to describe technical capabilities or speak to key use cases. We require all product pages to include at least 3 feature fields. You should not exceed 5 features.
The following fields can be found on the features tab. Expand each section below to learn best practices for this section.
Feature Title
For each feature, you will be asked to provide a title that gives a quick description of that feature for the user. Our recommendation is to start your feature title with a present tense verb. This title should be a short phrase. The customer should be able to understand what new capabilities they will gain by using your product. Titles should be kept brief.
Specifications: Do not exceed 50 characters including spaces.
Use feature names that are only one word. Ensure that the title of the feature would be understandable to a user who has not read the description.
Feature Description
Captions should be 3-4 sentences in length. They indicate how each core feature contributes to creating business value and provide a bit of detail around the specific capability the product delivers.
Specifications: Do not exceed 300 characters including spaces.
Create a feature about your product overview, we encourage you to be specific with each feature.
Describe a success case as a feature description, we encourage you to place success cases in the resources section.
Specify the certifications that your solution has.
Feature Image
Feature Images should represent a screen from your solution, but illustrative diagrams may also be used to depict features at a more conceptual level. Images should not be text-heavy or merely serve the purpose of depicting text.
Specifications: You should submit these images at a resolution of at least 1280 x 720. Images can be landscape or portrait. The aspect ratio of the images should be 16:9.
Include images with vibrant color that display the full screen of your solution.
Include text heavy images that do not depict product functionality or images that include annotations.
Include images that contain shadows or other UI elements that are not part of your application such as a browser window or Operating system toolbars.