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Content Best Practices

Content Best Practices


May 18, 2020

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Your product page on SAP App Center is your storefront to SAP’s 440,000+ customers who consider SAP App Center as the go-to marketplace to discover, try, and buy solutions from trusted partners like yourself. The content you display to market your app on SAP App Center is critical for customers to get the information they need in order to make a decision to purchase your product. The content needs to convince the customer that your solution best suits their needs. Placing time and effort into developing high quality content pays off.
General Guidelines
Read this section to learn more about the style of content that we find to be most effective on our site.
At a Glance
Leverage this section to entice the user to read further down your page. Ensure your description and title allow your reader to quickly grasp your product. Also make sure that the video thumbnail image from YouTube or Vimeo is suitable for the display here as the thumbnail will be used as the primary image for your page. Ideally this image is a product screenshot.
Benefits and Features Section
The benefits section should be used to detail how your solution delivers business value. Use the features section to describe solution capabilities in more detail.
Plans and Pricing Section
You must display at least one edition with a price. Here, you can offer a free trial and provide your customers with several options to purchase your product.
Resources Section & Support
This is a great space to display your customer testimonials, feature videos, white papers, data sheets and any other assets that don’t fit into other places on your page.
Publisher Section
Use this space to include a company logo and description of your company. Here you can write a description that helps to establish your company as a trusted vendor for your potential customers.
Solution Description
Write your 150 character description and a shorter 80 character description so that users quickly grasp the value and functionality of your solution when we feature it in various places in SAP marketing material or websites.