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EcoVadis API Connector for SAP Ariba

Sustainability Data for Ariba Supplier Risk

VendorVerifier for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

Promote healthy supply chain through our platform to mitigate and manage risk

EcoVadis Supplier Sustainability Ratings

Supplier Sustainability Ratings Data for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

D&B Direct for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

Help detect vendor financial stress in time to mitigate supply continuity impact
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Financial Health System (FHS®) API Connector for SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

Leverage predictive analytics for supplier financial viability assessments in SA 

Sustainability Data for SAP Ariba / API Connector

Connect seamlessly sustainability data from IntegrityNext with SAP Ariba SLP.

Supply Chain Risk Visibility

SCRV offers risk visibility & mitigation options due to pandemic like events

U-Qualify Brazil for SAP Ariba SLP / SIPM

Automate the Supplier Certification Process of Brazilian Suppliers
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Supplier data validation in one step, without human interaction

Intelligent Invoice Express

This Ariba extension allows you to automatically capture and register pdf and Ex 

CIO InCight™ Dashboards

Achieve Control Over Vendor Spend

AppZen AI Audit for SAP Ariba

Audit 100% of your company spend using AI, prior to payment!

Barclaycard Precisionpay Bank Transfer

Supplier Payments with Working Capital Benefits

Supply Chain Disruption Overview

See the impact of the country level risk on your commercial activity.
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Accounts Payable Automation

Mailroom, capture, validation, PO line match, workflow, supplier collaboration

Private Marketplace - Integrated Catalogs

Immediate user experience improvement for procure-to-pay processes
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Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer Connector

Run SAP Ariba events using Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer

Seal Contract Analytics Connect

AI Contract Discovery and Analytics