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APTIDOCS - instant system documentation

Instant, high quality, comprehensive SAP SuccessFactors Documentation!

Candidate Information for Works Council

An efficient way to access candidate information for Works Council

Bet On Soccer Score ( B.O.S.S )

Allows you and your team to bet on soccer game results

Manager Update Panel

Easily update your whole team

Integration Log

View SAP HCM Logs integrated in SAP SuccessFactors!

Candidate Select

Identify promising talent by making university degrees truly comparable

Recruiting Cockpit

Boost the performance of you recruiters with a super, performing App!
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Manage equipment of all kinds

Manage all your employees' equipment in one central place with ESS and MSS.

Security add-on/package for SuccessFactors

Read only access to RBP in SuccessFactors
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Mass Recruiting Extension

Mass add candidates to any definable recruiting event in SAP SuccessFactors
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Learning – Extended Training and more

Keep track of all External Training requests and completions right within SAP Su 
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