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NGA Global Payroll Tool

Your Global Payroll Reports

NGA HR Request Central

Gives employees direct visibility into the status of their HR requests and workf 

NGA Mass Creation Tool

Create Position from Excel Files

NGA Fast Hire for SAP SuccessFactors

A one-step, end-to-end hiring process. Reducing the typical HR admin time from s 

NGA Fast Doc

An automated document workflows optimize document creation solution.

NGA My Pay

Your Payslip from Anywhere

NGA Reward Central

Manage Total Rewards Smarter and More Efficiently

NGA Labor Relations

Ensuring Employee Grievance Procedures Meet Local Legislative Requirements


Link SAP SuccessFactors employee IDs with any identity management solution


Managing and Handing your Tickets

NGA My Docs

Access and Managing your Documents from Anywhere

NGA My Forms

Access your Real Time Forms from Anywhere

NGA Chat Bot

Ask their HR questions or queries on policies and get timely efficient and consi 

NGA Continuous Learning

Enable Employees to Track their External-Continuous Learnings

NGA Case Management Central

Structure communication between employees and HR Service

NGA Work Council for SAP SuccessFactors

Enable Works Council Members to Work with you on Recruiting Right

NGA Cloud Transfer Tool for SAP SuccessFactors

Easy Migration of users between multiple SAP SuccessFactors environments

COVID-19 Health Check-In

The NGA Covid-19 Health Check-In Solution enables your organization to track and 
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