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Material Cataloguing, Structuring and Unique Technical Specifications Generator
Material Master Data Governance and Management
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Benefits and Features
Unique, consistent and validated master data
Enables Users to work with in-built workflow governance and well defined Technical Material Templates for creating structured & consistent buying descriptions for all MRO items.
Auto detection and prevention of Duplicates
The structured cataloguing features of the tool enables User to prevent generation of duplicate records which helps in stopping unwanted procurement and build up of non moving inventory. On an average, this results in minimum 15% cost saving in procurement and inventory holding costs annually.
Enables real time tracking and progress of coding process
A one stop solution for monitoring the end to end process of Material coding requests and viewing the coded materials, undertaking quality checking before data enters SAP to facilitate unique, consistent, complete material information. This in turn facilitates accurate MRP planning.
Standardization & governance for materials
Managing the Materials, Equipment master data. System generating the unique short description in the structuring manner with the limit of 40 characters based on input. Generating the Purchase order Text, Image uploading facility, and then maintaining the legacy information against the material.
Managing equipment details with material master
Managing the Equipment details like Tag No, Serial No, Drawing No, MNFR Name, Equipment Name, Equipment Model, Equipment Details and Equipment Location and Installed quantity whilst Material Master creation and then extracting the report of equipment and Material linked information.
Multiple search options
User friendly search options are available to filter the Material data based on key strings Multiple search menus available to query the master records using various permutation/ combination of key words, technical data values like Motor Power rating, Transformer voltage rating and so on.
Generating help tickets
Application has in-built Help ticket facility for Users to report Bugs, Suggestion, Information, Feedback etc. Help tickets are monitored and responded as per agreed SLAs.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Customized and negotiable pricing options to suit client budget
Standard Version
Per One-Time+ USD 40000.00 Setup Fee
Standard Version
Built in technical templates with standardized values for handling all material categories
Auto short description and long POTEXT with standardized drop down values from controlled library
Automatic detection and prevention of duplicate record creation
Extensive search options for identification of existing items with documents/drawings
ISO8000 data quality compliance for templates and libraries (optional)
In-built document management system
Equipment association for finding where used information
Includes 20 User
Enterprise Edition - On-Premises
Price upon request
Enterprise Edition - On-Premises
Customized unlimited user edition setup at client secure servers as per internal IT security needs
User friendly action dashboards and flexible workflow governance
Other features as detailed in the standard and SAAS version
Additional custom features specially built at client specific approval levels, client specific technical templates & libraries, security requirements
Single sign-on feature for all authorized users
Integration with client DMS system/ CMMS system as required
Optional plug-in module for end to end SPIR (spare parts interchangeability records) management with automated level fixing for maintenance & inventory
Plug-ins for managing service masters, vendor masters, customer masters, any other Master data as per requirement
Technical Information
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