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Connect SAP PO to Apache Kafka Clusters
KaTe Kafka Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration
byKaTe GmbH
Solution Types
APIs & Micro-services
Works with
SAP NetWeaver
Benefits and Features
Connect Kafka clusters to your SAP landscape
Connect Kafka clusters to your SAP landscape
Event-driven architecture with SAP
Turn your SAP ERP into a source and target of events happening throughout your enterprise. Kafka is the event backbone for high throughput event streams. Our adapter is the "plug" into existing SAP landscapes via SAP PO for in/outbound events from IDocs, SOAP, Odata, RFC/BAPIs or Files.
Full Kafka feature set supported
We support all common Kafka distribution features in terms of security(PLAIN, PLAIN_SASL, SASL_SSL ), Avro schemas with or w/o registry, JSON and XML payloads.
Subscribe to Kafka Topics
Our adapter allows you to receive Kafka records as PO messages from 1 to n topics through sender channels. Any Kafka header, data or property can be received in a PO message payload and dynamic property.
Publish to Kafka Topics
Our adapter allows you to transmit PO messages as Kafka records. Kafka record key, headers as well as topic/partitions can be set via dynamic properties at runtime or through channel configuration.
Avro & JSON Support
Aside XML and plain formats, our adapter supports common Kafka message formats like Avro or JSON. Avro schemas can be used "freestyle" without registration or as registered schemas in a central schema registry. OAuth authentication & SSL encryption are supported for schema registry connections.
Plain, SASL & SSL Security support
Our adapter supports common security (Plaintext, SASL-Plaintext, SASL-SSL or pure SSL), as well as SASL variants like Plain or SASL-SCRAM and SSL Client certificate authentication. All SSL certificates are administered with SAP PO's builtin NWA keystore and not through an external file system.
More Features
Plans and Pricing
Price upon request
Yearly subscription, auto renewable
12 Month min. contract duration
Free Trial
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Free Trial
30 day free trial, productive license as subscription or perpetual license.
30 Day max. contract duration
Technical Information
Solution Types
  • APIs & Micro-services
Works with
  • SAP NetWeaver
KaTe GmbH
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