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Enterprise DevOps and release automation for SAP Cloud built on SAP Cloud
ReleaseOwl for SAP Cloud
byRelease Owl
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SAP Cloud Platform
Benefits and Features
Enable Continuous Integration for your SAP Applications
With Advanced CI Pipelines from ReleaseOwl, your team can achieve continuous integration for your SAP cloud applications. Automated Packaging, Deployment, Unit Testing, Compliance Testing ( with Sonarqube) and automated functional testing can be done on every change done by the developers so as to e More
Orchestrated Release Management
Release Management is often a highly collaborated effort involving approvals of multiple business stake holders, Dev Teams, QA , Release Managers and DevOps teams. With powerful workflow engine built into Release Owl teams can setup approval processes, track environment-level configuration changes a More
The first native devops product for SAP
Being native will make it seamless for your release management teams to collaborate and work in the SAP cloud itself. Being in SAP cloud makes it highly secure and scalable as per your team needs.
CI CD Pipelines
With ReleaseOwl, you can create continuous integration pipelines to package and deploy your SAP cloud applications. Build Pipelines fetch changes from GIT Branch, package them as MTA archive, run unit tests and complaince tests with Sonarqube. Release Pipelines can be used configure automated deplo More
Multi-stage Deployment Workflows
ReleaseOwl has strong workflow orchestration engine that can help your team setup multi-stage deployment workflow. At each step, your can define the approvals required, select the artifact to deployed into the respective cloud space ( QA / UAT / Stage / Prod) and specify any manual configuration cha More
More Capabilities !!!
Compliance and code quality with Sonarqube. Audit log of your build changes. Create Approval Process for your deployments. Tracking manual changes across environments. Run Automated Tests on your release environment User Story Tracking Dashboard and Reports
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Recurring Edition
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  • SAP Cloud Platform
Release Owl
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