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Well Maintenance Performance Monitoring Solution for Oil & Gas
Fleet Logistics Services for Plant Maintenance
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Benefits and Features
Know where you are losing on idle time
Online analytics for costs related to waiting time for special equipment at the facility
Prevent fraud and pay as you consume
Controlling fuel consumption via IoT integration with sensors
Increase Oilfield Fleet Life
Reducing break downs and maintaining a machine's health
Fleet Dispatching
1. Scheduling jobs (setting up destination, type of work, type of transport, scheduled date/time) 2. Dispatching requests for vehicles (considering vehicle data on the line / under repair, reviewing employee/driver availability data) 3. Waybill Management (driver appointment, real data integration f More
Integration with on-premise Core ERP
1) Mileage data comes from the waybill to the vehicle card 2) Automated planning of TS1 and TS2 3) Automated planning of tire resources/ accumulator resources 4) Digitized Passport Data 5) TS and TM data Tire and accumulator data, corresponding to each vehicle
Analytical model on SAC with SAP HANA Live Data Connection
Online calculation of many KPIs among which Fleet-utilization-factor, Technical-readiness-coefficient values, oil underproduction amount due to SLA noncompliance for transport service. As well as Fuel consumption analysis, Analysis of the needs of transport services, for the formation of the future More
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Tiered Edition
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  • SAP Plant Maintenance
  • SAP Cloud Platform
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