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AI Enabled Document Processing Automation Using Digital Signatures
emSigner 2.0
Improved Productivity
Leveraging emSigner 2.0, SAP customers and internal users can sign and send documents via a one-click process using legally valid digital signatures and eSign
Improved Visibility
SAP customers can track the status of the documents at every stage of document handling, right from initiating and sending to document review and sign-off, from within the SAP platform.
Increased Revenue
SAP customers can reduce operational costs by removing manual paper-based processes, thus helping reduce cost and increase revenue
Support for Remote Signing
emSigner 2.0 supports remote signing of documents using long lived and one time cryptographic key pairs that are generated in an HSM on the server. This avoids the need for a crypto-token in jurisdictions where this is mandatory. This methodology of signing is used in India, the US, Europe and Malay  
Bulk Signing (Both Signing & Sending, and Sending & Signing)
Bulk signing feature offered by emSigner 2.0 is a convenient way for users to sign multiple documents in one go, thus saving substantial time in opening the document and signing them one by one. This unique feature supports both sign & send and send & sign functionality, where multiple people receiv  
Collaborative Editing
emSigner 2.0 allows SAP customers to collaboratively review and approve documents with complete tracking and version control. This allows easy creation and management of documents, which when finalized can be sent to multiple external parties for signing.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
All documents uploaded are pushed through the OCR engine to extract actual text within the document. This allows emSigner 2.0 to search deep into the document rather than just on the title and support advanced searches.
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