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View and Download your PaySlip from Anywhere
NGA My Pay
byNGA Human Resources
Solution Types
Works with
SAP Cloud Platform
Benefits and Features
More Efficient
More Efficient activation and running quicker rollout.
Reduced Risk
Reduced Risk through best practice HR processes.
Better Engagement
Better Engagement through integrated User Experience.
Application Overview
NGA My Pay gives employees access to salary information from the payroll service. It allows the employees to: view the next pay date view the pay dates from the past view the net amount per pay date download the actual payslip
Navigations Access
There are two ways to access this application: through the (1) dropdown from the home button and (2) by selecting the tile ‘My Pay” from the homepage. My Pay has a graphical representation of the employee’s salary information. This includes the following: • Adoughnutbreakingdownthelastsalaryintothed More
Main Features
On the right part, the user can see a countdown of the days until the employee’s next pay and the exact date of the payment date. The composition of the doughnut (shown in percentage) includes the following: • Gross Pay (gross pay as the whole composition of the doughnut) • Net Pay • Taxes • OtherDe More
Access People Profile
Employees can now view local payroll data including payslips using My Pay application directly from the People Profile. Grouping local payroll data with global data in the People Profile reduces the task of navigating back to the homepage – thus creating a seamless user experience and promoting self-service.
Plans and Pricing
NGA My Pay - Standard Edition
Per Month+ USD 12000.00 Setup Fee
NGA My Pay - Standard Edition
SAP Cloud Platform included in recurring price
Cloud Maintenance Support included in the recurring price
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Works with
  • SAP Cloud Platform
NGA Human Resources
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