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Payment Optionality. Allow Suppliers to Choose How and When They Get Paid.
Qwil - Supplier Payment Optionality
Solution Types
APIs & Micro-services
Works with
SAP Fieldglass
Benefits and Features
Supplier Diversity and Retention
Attract more niche and diverse suppliers to broaden existing pool and increase retention
Increase Adoption
Increase adoption of the program by offering early payment to the suppliers in the larger pool
Administrative Relief
Cost Avoidance and back-office relief as Client or MSP will only need to make one payment to Qwil. Qwil will make payments to suppliers on Clients behalf regardless of whether or not the supplier chose the early payment option
Take the Funds with Dynamic APR Feature - Price Reduces as Invoice Ages
This feature allows suppliers to get paid on the invoice when they want anywhere from Net1 to end of the payment cycle - on a sliding scale based upon the clients specific early payment fee.
Enable Qwil as a Single Source of Truth for Payments
We provide API integration to obtain Suppliers invoice records for multiple clients on Fieldglass and produce in an easy to read view in Qwil for current and historical payments. All of the metadata includes invoice ID, Consolidated Invoice ID, Invoice ID, Worker/SOW ID, Time Stamp (weekending date) and Itemized Cost.
Give Your Suppliers an Option to Get Paid How and When They Want
Suppliers are in control on how and when they want to receive payment. We offer a variety of payments method, in well over 150 countries and currencies
Plans and Pricing
One Time Edition
Per Month
One Time Edition
There is a $1,000/month licensing fee and it is waived if there is $500,000 invoice volume per month
Technical Information
Solution Types
  • APIs & Micro-services
Works with
  • SAP Fieldglass
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