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Balance your Raw Material Flows in your Plant!
MSG Integrated Raw Material Plan Balance
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Latest information about all raw material flows at a glance
Minimize your reaction time regarding short-term changes in production planning
Cross-plant overview
Remain in control of all plants and find the best raw material distribution for your company
Balance mismatches with an integrated toolset
The database provides the basis for actions to balance raw material mismatches and component mismatches
Overview of the raw material and component situation in selected plants
Analyze your raw material situation within your plants
Plan Balance – Raw Material
Get an overview of the currently planned raw material situation for upcoming days. You also can identify excesses or shortages of raw material by comparing the planned inbound raw material quantities with the outbound raw material quantities. This enables you to react on raw material mismatches betw  
Plan Balance – Component
Analyze the raw material situation in more detail by considering actual component measurements for the actual stock and calculating the expected component quantities for all other raw material movements. It displays any excesses or shortages of components, which usually differ from the raw material   
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Free Edition
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