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Intelligent planning of the rollout of smart meters with HANA performance
bycronos Unternehmensberatung GmbH
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SAP Cloud Platform
Benefits and Features
Consideration of 100% of the existing meters
Keep an eye on all your meters of your IT-system in order to comply with the specifications and to be able to use further optimizations.
Consideration of the rollout specifications
Make sure that the regulatory requirements are 100% taken into account.
Illustration of various rollout scenarios
Use the HANA performance to present different rollout scenarios.
Capacity planning
Individual planning of capacities for the conversion of smart meters per year. Capacity changes can easily be adjusted for future years.
Installation cluster
Adjust the size of the installation clusters to create appropriate work packages for the field service. Display this installation clusters in a maps application.
Periodic change lists
Regular creation and updating of change lists
Consider all divisions
Consideration of all existing divisions in order to minimize effort and costs and to optimize processes: electricity, gas, water, etc.
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Works with
  • SAP Cloud Platform
cronos Unternehmensberatung GmbH
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