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Smart Asset Management through Predictive Analytics
Cherrywork® Predictive Asset Maintenance
 Incture Technologies Pvt Ltd
Improved customer satisfaction and reliability of power
Cherrywork Predictive Asset Maintenance Application helps detect unexpected equipment failures that impact customer satisfaction and power reliability . Customers expect planned outages to be communicated in advance to plan their electricity consumption. Utilities are also under pressure from strict  
Reduced total cost of ownership by prioritizing maintenance activities
Cherrywork Predictive Asset Maintenance Application utilizes historical data from multiple sources to build accurate, testable predictive models, which allows us to generate predictions and risk scores. Modeling techniques produce interpret able information allowing personnel to understand the impli  
Improvement on overall safety and compliance
Cherrywork Predictive Asset Maintenance Application will proactively address potential safety risks. By integrating data from multiple sources — online monitoring systems, weather channels,along with nonoperational data (vendor provided operational rules, equipment data sheets, industry standards, e  
Reduction in maintenance costs
Enables customers ti use predictive analytics to predict and diagnose problems before they occur. This shifts maintenance from a reactive process to a proactive strategy, moving the organization higher up the maintenance maturity pyramid.
Reduction in machine failures
Ensures regular monitoring of the actual conditions of the equipment and process systems can reduce the number of unexpected and catastrophic equipment failures by approximately 55%.
Reduced downtime for repairs
Predictive maintenance reduces the actual time required to repair or recondition plant equipment. You can reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR) by 60%..
Reduced stock of spare parts
Has the ability to predetermine defective parts needing repair, tools and required labor skills ensure a reduction in both repair time and costs. The costs involved in stocking spare parts can be reduced by more than 30%.
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