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The App For Surcharge Calculations and Automatic Postings
All for One Steeb - Freight Surcharge Calculation
byB4B Solutions GmbH
The App For Surcharge Calculations and Automatic Postings
You would like to calculate surcharges on goods immediately, automatically and smoothly? With freight and customs surcharges this will no longer be a problem in the future!
Solution Types
Works with
SAP Business ByDesign
Benefits and Features
Freight and customs costs are recorded immediately and automatically when the goods are booked and booked based on your individual calculations in the background.
Correct inventory values
Due to the immediate recording of freight and customs costs, inventory values ​​are immediately calculated correctly.
Correct contribution margins
Based on the correct inventory valuation, you show correct margins in all your sales documents.
Individual Calculation
Based on your specific and individual needs and requirements, calculations are stored that calculate your freight surcharges in order to obtain correct inventory values in your system. You can use fixed values, percentage surcharges or other calculations for this.
Immediate posting
After each delivery, a journal entry is automatically created based on your calculation template, which covers all freight and customs surcharges as well as possible. With this function, you are able to have correct warehouse stock value in your SAP Business ByDesign Sytsem.
Correct Inventory Values
The App helps you to have more correct inventory values. Minimize your mistakes and miscalculations because your values ​​are calculated and posted automatically.
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  • SAP Business ByDesign
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