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Digital Assistant for user training and support
Shortways Assistant
SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
Accelerate user adoption
Digital is everywhere. An employee has to use an average of 11 applications on a day-to-day basis.Shortways Assistant accelerates user onboarding on new digital apps by providing step-by-step guidance, FAQs or notifications.
Digitalize IT training
Get rid of old pdf user manuals that no one has the time to read. Embed directly application tutorials in your application
Cut on user support costs
Provide 24/7 user assistance with Shortways Assistant. Shortways Assistant acts as a virtual key user, always on to provide quick answers to the end user (how to? business procedures and FAQs).
Digitize user guides
Provide step-by-step guidance on application processes. Newcomers can easily navigate and handle new processes, just by following Shortways Assistant step-by-step bubbles.
Notify end-users
Notify users about new features, alerts or reminders. Display messages, pop-up windows or target a particular field in one screen. Notifications can vary depending on the user profile (HR, Manager, Employee) and language.
Provide answers in one click
Display Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or context-sensitive help by screen, profile and language. Answers are available in 1 click. Chatbot raise questions, Shortways Assistant always provides the right answer!
Monitor user support
View most run step-by-steps, requested help pages, clicked links, … Decide if content is worth being maintained if not used. Statistics are anonymized by default in accordance with privacy rules
Recurring Edition
Recurring Edition
Includes all features of Shortways Assistant
  • Applications
  • Content Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central