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Enable uniform, simple and controlled data sharing in SAP processes with iSHARE
iSHARE Adapter for SAP Cloud Platform Integration
byRojo Consultancy
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SAP Cloud Platform
Benefits and Features
Share logistics according to iSHARE standard for your SAP environment
iSHARE is a uniform set of agreements or scheme that enables organizations to give each other access to their data. Since they all work with the same identification, authentication and authorization methods, they do not need to keep making new agreements every time they want to share data.
Share data in a secure manner with new and previously unknown SAP and non-SAP partners
Maintain full control over your own data at all times. You have the final say about the terms under which their data will be shared, why, with whom and for how long.
You are in control in maintaining data delegation policies with other parties
The iSHARE accelerator then validates the involved parties in the iSHARE network via the Scheme Owner integration based on customized delegation policies defined together with your supply chain stakeholders
Out of the box integration of iSHARE Scheme Owner
The iSHARE accelerator takes care of validating parties involved in the iSHARE network via Scheme Owner integration
Retrieve delegation policies from the iSHARE Authorization Registry
Request and validates any delegation policy from iSHARE Authorization Registry
Generate JWT token with algorithm RS256 as per iSHARE standards
Server interactions require iSHARE signed JSON Web Token and this is fully supported by the iSHARE adapter.
Support for identification via EORI-number, the mandatory scheme in European import and export business
The identification standard for parties in the European import and export business
Plans and Pricing
Recurring Edition
Price upon request
Recurring Edition
Flexible annual license SaaS model
Includes unlimited User
Includes unlimited Gigabyte
Includes unlimited Connection
Includes 1 Server License
12 Month min. contract duration
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  • SAP Cloud Platform
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