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Navigate uncertainty with confidence through the power of resilience
meQuilibrium Resilience Suite
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SAP SuccessFactors
Benefits and Features
Build resilient employees
Engage employees with a personalized experience that helps them meet and exceed expectations in work and in life. In today's world of disruption, a resilient workforce will help your organization navigate uncertainty and thrive.
Empower leaders with cognitive insights
Equip your managers and leaders to make informed decisions with rich cognitive and behavioral tools that improve team performance. Managers serve as the critical link to employees; ensure they can model resilient behavior.
Collaborate enterprise wide
Optimize across your workforce to maximize everyone's talents so you can mitigate inherent risks that come with change, uncertainty and transformation. This requires the data, insights and people analytics to predict issues, prevent problems, and prescribe a personalized approach.
Proprietary, Clinically Validated Assessment
Clinically validated, based on 25+ years of science, the meQuilibrium Assessment is correlated with leading psychometric instruments such as the WPAI and PSS (Perceived Stress Scale). Highly engaging, 90% avg completion rate. Results are aggregated and de-identified for insight into risk and gaps.
Validated Outcomes
Delivers results that reflect a multi-faceted ROI correlated with improvements in productivity, absence, and turnover. In addition, burnout has been identified as one of the key issues in the workforce today; resilient people are 60% less likely to suffer burnout.
Communication and Navigation
Launch and marketing communications customized to align with organizational culture and objectives. Flexible configuration to meet your needs. Within the solution, customize activities for your population and direct navigation to targeted resources within the HR ecosystem.
Robust People Analytics & Reporting
Get actionable insights about how your people think and feel, along with program adoption and engagement, data-driven climate insights, efficacy, quantitative outcomes and identification of critical risks – including high stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, work impairment – across the workforce.
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Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
SAP Customer Preferred Pricing for 2020
Spotlight on Uncertainty
Midmarket Edition
Midmarket Edition
Ideal for organizations with 500-5,000 employees
Digital, scalable resilience program for entire employee population
Personalized resilience-building journeys for all users based on comprehensive online assessment
Scores of skills, activities, and mediations
Daily personalized content
Desktop, tablet and mobile access (with dedicated iOS and Android apps)
Includes 500 User
SAP Customer Preferred Pricing for 2020 (Enterprise)
SAP Customer Preferred Pricing for 2020 (Enterprise)
Extensive best practices to embed resilience into your company culture
Dedicated customer success resources
Full meQuilibrium suite
Digital, scalable resilience program for entire global enterprise
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