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AI-Powered Healthcare Analytics Platform
Droice Hawk
AI-Powered Healthcare Analytics Platform
Droice Hawk is an AI-powered medical data understanding and analysis platform that unlocks clinical data for clinicians, healthcare managers and researchers. Hawk digests structured and free text clinical data to establish highly accurate patient cohorts, discover undiagnosed patients, and estimate  More
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Works with
SAP Analytics Cloud
Benefits and Features
Integration layer for structured and unstructured medical data
Medical data is complex, originating from various sources like labs, claims, EMR and Droice Hawk seamlessly integrates both structured and free-form data from these various sources.
Extracting meaningful information
Droice Hawk extracts relevant information from the unstructured data from various sources of medical data.
Powerful search through medical data
AI-powered search through medical data to provide accurate and faster results.
Advanced Patient Cohorting
Search and cohort patients based on multiple levels of medical criteria
Descriptive Statistics
Displaying visualisations describing data and providing more patient insights
Search Engine on patient data
Search engine on patient data within the hospital premises giving a detailed view of patient information.
Plans and Pricing
Recurring Edition
Per Month+ USD 300000.00 Setup Fee
Recurring Edition
Includes 5 User
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Works with
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
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