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A new level of self-service for managers
Manager Update Panel
byPentos AG
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Benefits and Features
Save Time and Cut Cost
Save time and cut cost by providing managers the ability to update and assess their teams as a whole, allowing for deeper involvement and lower time commitment.
Drive Adoption
The seamless user experience and time-saving nature of this solution provides opportunities for higher user adoption.
Audit and Log
Audit and logging features provide records of the last editor and date.
Seamless UI
Complement the standard user experience through Fiori UI, maintaining consistency without disruption.
Flexible Usability
In addition to the single user view, add some, or all of your team to the list view in order to read/edit any relevant information to your process.
Reporting Options
Reporting options such as a direct export is available.
Easy Switch Between Manager and “Admin” Views
Important from a calibration perspective is grouping employees from different target populations (division, department, country). Filter and go with a HR Admin user to calibrate at a higher level.
Plans and Pricing
Recurring Edition
Price upon request
Technical Information
Solution Types
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Works with
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP SuccessFactors
Pentos AG
Long track record in providing performing, innovate extensions that help you boost your business. Our first SAP SuccessFactors App was implemented successfully in 2015, contributing to our long track record, serving hundreds of customers.
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