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Fund social impact programs directly through sourcing events
Givewith Enterprise
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SAP Ariba
Benefits and Features
Drive additional business value across your company
Expand the value of your spend across different departments and accelerate company goals including increased ROI, higher employee retention, better consumer sentiment, increased investor interest and confidence, and more.
Directly address your sustainability goals
Enable your company to support its CSR goals through access to a customized list of recommended programs proven to create the maximum impact with tangible outcomes curated from thousands of funding opportunities.
Strengthen your vendor relationships
Co-innovate with your suppliers by collaborating on a social impact initiative that will benefit both companies — and the world.
Dashboard to Track your Social Impact Initiatives
Navigate all your proposals, company insights, storytelling and reporting assets, and experience options, as well as information on the potential programs your spend may be funding, through your intuitive dashboard.
Sustainability and Responsibility Insights About Your Company
Our dashboard lays out your current corporate social responsibility initiatives and how to amplify or improve them; shows how third-party rating agencies like MSCI, CSRHub, and TruValue Labs rate your company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, a key metric when investors value More
Curated Social Impact Recommendations
Informed by your company’s insights, our proprietary algorithm generates a customized list of recommended programs proven to create the maximum impact for your company, your supplier — and the world. Your company can select preferred programs to fund through your spend, and change them at any time,  More
A Social Impact Element in your Sourcing Process
Seamlessly add social impact directly into your SAP Ariba sourcing events. Your suppliers will have the option to learn more about the positive potential business value, before being prompted to opt in or out.
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