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Less waste - more money
TRIM SUITE: Reduce Trim Loss/Waste
byT.CON GmbH & Co. KG
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Benefits and Features
Reduce trim loss
Reduce trim loss/waste with the help of trim optimization
Produce optimum quantity
Produce the optimum quantity to serve your customers
Take production dates into account
TRIM SUITE takes production dates into account by sorting and sequencing accordingly
Fully integrated in SAP
TRIM SUITE is fully integrated in SAP. Mark an order in PPDS, click on the additional button in the menu and the planning process is activated.
Drill down in the orders you selected to identify quantity, width and other aspects allocated to the specified order. Restrictions of the order and the equipment such as technical requirements of the role cutter can be accessed as well. A click on the "solution" button takes you to possible solution More
Easy-to-use interface
Even though some trim challenges are complex, optimization with TRIM SUITE is simple. Optimization is done with a single click. You can also ask TRIM SUITE to create multiple solutions automatically and just pick our preferred solution if multiple targets of optimization are used at the same time.  More
Quality trim
TRIM SUITE can help you to optimize the trim from stock even when quality issues in the supply are detected. Defect areas on mother reels on stock - for example from coating - which are detected by camera inspection or other means are considered when the trim is planned. In this screenshot defect ar More
More Features
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Cut planning for reels of any material, e.g. paper, foil, textile
Multiple stage and sheet optimization (optional)
TRIM for in-house production, extern procurement or versus stock
Pre-select the orders or an entire block of orders within your preferred planning solution to directly start the trim optimization
Full financial optimization by automatically taking optional orders into account
Manual rework or adjustments as desired
Individual definition of the optimal result by adjusting penalty costs (loss, changes, storage, yield,...)
Create and compare multiple solutions by variations of penalty costs or technical restrictions
Automatically create sets of solutions, in dialog or background
Traffic light system to monitor fulfillment of customer orders
Model cutting plans during planning by creation of combined orders (SAP standard)
Trial On Request
For 30 Day(s)
Trial On Request
There will be additional costs for setup of the software
Includes 1 Plant
Includes unlimited User
30 Day max. contract duration
Basic Edition
Price upon request
Basic Edition
+ 20% yearly software maintenance (per overall license list price)
Includes 1 Plant
Includes unlimited User
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