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Connect with customers and suppliers
All for One Steeb - EDI Connector
byB4B Solutions GmbH / All for One Steeb
Solution Types
Works with
SAP Business ByDesign
Benefits and Features
Seamless integration
The seamless connection to customers and suppliers makes it possible to exchange documents immediately and to create sales orders and supplier invoices immediately in your cloud erp system.
Eliminate Errors
Due to the automatic creation of documents in our own ERP system and the immediate automatic transmission of documents to customers and suppliers, the error rate is eliminated.
Optimize business processes
The automatic transmission and the reception of information optimizes, which is automatically imported into your Cloud ERP System optimizes your business processes and is making you faster and more efficient in everyday life.
Direct Connection
The EDI Connector makes it possible for you to connect your customers and suppliers seamlessly to your Cloud ERP system. Thus, on the one hand, you can receive documents and record them directly in the system, on the other hand, you can send messages directly to the customer or supplier system. You  More
Communication monitor
The communication monitor shows immediately whether messages have been transmitted or received correctly. This gives you transparency over all incoming or outgoing messages and allows you to react immediately to any errors.
Multiple document types
With EDI Connector you can send delivery notes and customer invoices to your customers, while you can also send purchase orders to your suppliers. Therefore, it is possible to communicate in real time. Furthermore, you can receive Supplier Invoices and Sales orders, which are automatically imported  More
Ecosio IntegrationHub
Ecosio provides the Ecosio integrationHub, which converts all data formats into XML data formats so that they can be optimally processed in SAP Business ByDesign. Together with Ecosio it is possible to implement your requirements quickly and easily.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
1490 ,- per document type
Sales Orders
Delivery Notes
Customer Invoices
Supplier Invoices
Purchase Orders
3PL - Requests
and many other Business ByDesign Documents
Recurring Edition
Price upon request
Recurring Edition
The price depends on the amount of sent or received messages and on the amount of message types. The installation will happen in the course of a project
Includes unlimited User
Technical Information
Solution Types
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Works with
  • SAP Business ByDesign
B4B Solutions GmbH / All for One Steeb