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Mobile Inventory & Warehouse Transactions Management
ITekPro - Mobile Inventory Management
byEnstrapp IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Solution Types
Works with
SAP Business Suite
Benefits and Features
Real-Time Inventory Processes
Perform Goods Receipt [PO, STO, Inbound Deliveries], Perform Goods Issue [Orders, Deliveries, Picking], Internal Stock Transfer, Transfer Orders, Picking/Put Away, Physical Inventory Counting & Adjustments, Stock Overview, Goods Return & Cancellations, Storage Bins & User Activity Log
Improved Inventory Accuracy & Visibility
Improve Inventory Accuracy & Visibility by reducing the time to collect, review & post inventory transactions on the field without much dependencies on back office
Improved Inventory Counting Cycles
Access Pending Physical Inventory Documents; Create Physical Inventory Documents; Capture Inventory Counts & Process Adjustments
Two-Step Inventory Posting with Review & Approval
Enable 2 step inventory posting process where supervisors can access the mobile inventory data in a dashboard with functions to review, edit & post in SAP.
BarCode/QR Code/RFID Scanning
Scan Bar-codes, QR codes, RFID tags. Attach images/documents using camera or gallery. Capture signature for critical transactions. Print labels and forms.
Online & Offline Mode
Mobile Users can access and process all major inventory transactions in offline mode with manual or auto data synchronization features.
Upload Images & Documents. Capture Signature and Print Forms & Labels.
Plans and Pricing
User License
User License
For 25-100 Users
Ideal For Warehouse Staff
Free Edition
Free Edition
Free Demo Version
Included 1 User
Ideal For Warehouse Staff
Technical Information
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Works with
  • SAP Business Suite
Enstrapp IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
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