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Recruit & Sell 2x Faster
ZAPinfo Recruiting Automation
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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
Benefits and Features
Zap Contacts & Profiles From Any Site
You can instantly Zap any contact and profile or resumes with 1-click from sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Monster, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, or any job board, search engine or social network, and Zap them into Successfactors.
Increase Talent Search & Sourcing
Instantly Zap any of your jobs and ZapInfo will create searches on nearly all search engines, social networks, and job boards to help you find matching talent without requiring your recruiters to be Boolean gurus.
Automated Social Recruiting
Zap not only helps you find talent on most social networks, but also extracts & enriches their profiles finding email address & direct contact information along with all of their social identities. Then Zapinfo automates doing personalized social connecting and messaging on sites like Facebook, Lin More
1-Click Contact Capture Anywhere
You can Zap contacts and full profiles from any site (Linkedin, Facebook, any job board, Google, etc. ) and Zap them into your Successfactors recruiting platform with 1-Click. Build talent pipelines and eliminate data entry instantly.
Find Talent Faster
Zap any job and ZapInfo will create searches on most search engines, social networks and job boards to help you find matching talent instantly. Find talent in places you never considered that you can engage with for free in most cases.
Enrich & Update Contacts
ZapInfo will instantly extract and enrich data for your contacts within SAP/Successfactors by using our powerful data enrichment engine which will find the email, phone, and social profile information for contacts instantly.
Engage Talent Anywhere
You can engage talent anywhere with personalized messaging that delivers a better candidate experience and dramatically higher results using our Zap-Engage capabilities that enable social messaging, email outreach, and SMS to enable a multi-channel recruiting strategy.
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Zap Contacts From Any Site
Zap Import & Update Contacts
Refresh Contacts Inside Successfactors
GDPR Compliant Recruiting
Zap Contacts To Any Other ATS/CRM
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ZapInfo Trial
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