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Bridging the gap between SAP and GIS systems
Unity Engine: Connect SAP and GIS
 Spatialitics LLC
Improved Decision Making
Improved decision making and integrated business processes with real-time synchronization between SAP & GIS
Enhanced Accuracy
Maintains integrity and consistency across otherwise independently operated, SAP and GIS systems
Harmonized Workflows
No change to organization’s current business processes and workflows
Ready Connectivity
Unity Engine is transformational middleware that is fully compatible and readily integrates with both with SAP and GIS systems, minimizing risk and for our customers
Bi-directional Sync
Unity Engine provides options for both unidirectional and bi-directional synchronization of Attributes, Class Characteristics and Geometry between SAP S/4HANA or SAP Business Suite and enterprise GIS, ensuring data integrity across both systems
Admin Console
Unity Engine provides an intuitive console for administrators to create and manage connections between systems, link asset attributes, configure synchronization behavior, and verify audit logs
Unity Engine provides multiple synchronization modes to support a variety of deployment patterns. Administrators can synchronize asset data in Real-time, schedule a batch job to run regularly, or synchronize data on-demand
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Subscription Model
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Spatialitics LLC