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Vendor Risk Rating
Vendor Risk Rating for SAP Analytics Cloud
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Benefits and Features
Reliability assessment
Our solution integrates internal data with external data to identify critical and ‘reliable’ vendors for your business. You can combine the data sources you are interested and this will combine to provide the accurate assessment required.
Ability to evolve with your business
Our solution incorporated customizable vendor Rating algorithm. This Rating Algorithm helps jump start your evaluation to help automate rating for the metrics that are collected.
Early Warning and Impact Analysis
Knowing the risk to anticipate future danger. The rating system helps raise warnings for problems that could arise including possible risks due to system algorithms.
Data Blending
Merge information coming from different sources like:a. Supplier Master Datab. Supplier Financial Statements (integrating with data provider like Bureau Van Dijk, etc.)c. Internal information like: Purchased Value, Quality score, Reliability and Supply Chain score
Customized Rating Logic
Use and customized a Rating logic based on parameters and threshold that can vary by different areas as: geography, industry, commodity, etc. This rating logic leverages a scoring logic based on year over year financial statement.
Predictive Features (Advanced)
Use predictive feature to group similar suppliers, identify the likelihood of de-sourcing based on supplier performance, use sentiment analysis with social/internet integration and generate impact analysis reporting and ‘dependency’ score
Plans and Pricing
Free Edition
Free Edition
Includes 1 User
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For 14 Day(s)
Free Trial
Initial Starter Template does not include predictive and can be used as initial trial
Includes unlimited User
14 Day max. contract duration
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  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP Analytics Cloud