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Allow Learning Requests whether or not training is available in SuccessFactors
Learning Request Form
Content Management
A request form containing all necessary data to request an external training attendance, which will automatically create a new training, scheduled offering and registration in SuccessFactors Learning.
A workflow to approve and process the request form.
Achieve Uniformity
In order to offer a uniform process, the form is also suitable to request a training which is available in the catalog. Furthermore, this application is fully integrated with SuccessFactors Learning, minimizing the amount of data to be entered and as such optimizing the efficiency of this process.
Integrated with Success Factors Learning
All data is exchanged with Success Factors Learning inrealtime, based on a reference date. The data is provided taking the user's authorizations into account.
Approve learning requests easily
The Learning Request Form uses the existing approval structure for SuccessFactors Learning and can add logic to the approval.
Reporting in SuccessFactors Learning
History within the Learning Request Form is registered within SuccessFactors so that the data can be included in the overall reports within SuccessFactors Learning.
Workflow management
The employee can complete the training, including approval workflow following the completion. It is also possible that the manager or other departments complete the training.
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  • Content Management
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning