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Redefining supply chain execution with AI-driven automation
Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS)
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Benefits and Features
Increase Item-Level Profitability
Increase Item-level profitability by 15% to 30%.
Reduce Costs
SCAS is able to reduce supply expirations by 50% to 80%, stockout and overstock by 15% to 50% and the overall supply cost by 5% to 20%.
Avoid Performance Problems
Seeloz’ Control Tower mechanism empowers leadership, top management, middle management and operators with actionable insights allowing them to take proactive and corrective decisions to completely avoid potential performance problems and timely handle sudden irregularities.
Proactive Sales Force Module
Empowers different players across the sales organization with a single go-to console to dynamically drive all their sales efforts and per-customer engagement activities at the different granularities.
Control Tower
Allows business users at the different levels of the organization to drive macro and micro-scale operational productivity through actionable insights driven by an end-to-end cross-enterprise visibility.
Autonomous Procurement & Inventory Module
Allows supply chain organizations to autonomously set dynamic Target Inventory Levels per-SKU per-warehare or per-distribution center and to autonomously inject Supply Replenishment Transactions from suppliers and cross warehouses.
Zero-Time Data Integration
Using Seeloz' proprietary ready-made Data Connectors, SCAS seamlessly integrates with any ERP/POS/EMR/HIS combination thus enabling rapid solution deployment.
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Diagnostic Phase
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