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Power your Intelligent
Enterprise with SAP
partner solutions

Power your Intelligent
Enterprise with SAP
partner solutions

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Popular on SAP App Center

Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF

Simulate new org structures by drag and drop with advanced visualization
icon_sap_classificationSAP Endorsed App

JDMS™ | Job Descriptions Made Simple

Manage your job description library, improve governance and free your time
Free Trial

Centrical PULSE Core

Easy to Implement Gamification and on-going microlearning for SAP SuccessFactors

Digital & Social Care for SAP Service Cloud

Connect those social engagements with the broader care picture
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Automate your physical identity and access management, from hire to retire
icon_sap_classificationSAP Endorsed App

Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management Software

Integrated Occupational Health and Safety (EHS) with pre-built templates.

Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform

Leverage AI to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of talent operations
icon_sap_classificationSAP Endorsed App

First Advantage Background Screening Integration for SAP SuccessFactors

Background check integration to speed up decision making and hiring processes.

JobPts - Recognition and Rewards

Drive positive employee experience by building a culture of appreciation
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Recently Added

Sapience Satori

Save on training and improve procurement data access with Satori AI wizard.
Free Trial

SecurityBridge Platform for Cyber and Compliance

A 360 degree view on SAP security, from code security to SIEM integration.
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Process Tracking System for Accounts Payable

Automate the receipt of invoice documents and data into SAP and gain visibility  

FS² Accounts Payable

Optimize Invoice Processing to Increase Efficiencies and Reduce the Cost Per Inv 

Corestone for SAP solutions

Effective Solutions for Data and Document Management

JDMS™ | Job Descriptions Made Simple

Manage your job description library, improve governance and free your time
Free Trial


Free and Flexible Issue Tracking Tool that runs on SAP Cloud Platform

Automatic Determination of IVA 2.0

Tax obligations wil be generated with security and Reaches strong fiscal results

Electronic Invoice Inbound Automation 4.0

Complete management of DF-e (Invoices or Documents) in a single application
SAP Certified

OrgInsight™ | Visualize Your Workforce

Gain insight and improve data-driven decision-making for SAP SuccessFactors

PAD™ | Performance Accountability Dashboard

Improve goal execution, focus on problem areas and drive company growth.

EWM Insights on Data Warehouse Cloud

This is an extendable cloud based solution for Multi Warehouse Monitoring
Free Trial

Candidate Information for Works Council

An efficient way to access candidate information for Works Council

CDX Data Platform and Transport Visibility API

ClearMetal provides continuous in-transit ocean container and shipment tracking

Retail Industry Financial Solution

It helps to understand various dimensions wise revenue, expenses and income
Free Trial

OMS+ Order Management and POS Solution

Modernize your POS for Mobile Sales, Counters Sales, and Call Center Sales.
SAP Certified Free Trial

Predictive and Real-Time Visibility Platform

Give instant access to real-time tracking and predictive ETAs of every delivery

Pulsifi Talent Analytics and Insights

HR predictive analytics for your recruitment and talent management strategies
Free Trial

CICO - Worktime Tracking Mobile App with GPS & Face/Finger Recognition

Geo-fencing and Face/Finger Recognition Enabled Clock-in Clock-out Mobile App

Digital Personnel File

Manage and file all HR documents electronically, integrated in SuccessFactors
Free Trial

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