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An intelligent SaaS Platform to reduce costs, mitigate risk and foster collaboration
CIO InCight™ Dashboards
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SAP Ariba
Quickly See Hidden Vendor Spend
AI and Machine Learning cleans, categorizes and classifies your vendor spend data within days, which reveals opportunities to reduce expenses and consolidate vendors, through intuitive Executive Dashboards.
Collaborate from a Shared Source of Data "Truth"
All Spend Data is integrated from the SAP ecosystem and outside of it. The agnostic solution ingests data across all Financial Systems and normalizes it, Now LOB leaders and CxOs collaborate from the same, reliable data sets.
Reduce and Consolidate Vendors
Multiple Resellers hide what your true OEM spend is. See your actual OEM Spend and Tail Spend clearly. Leverage the Reseller and Parentage insights to Negotiate much better terms with your most valued vendors.
See Your Actual Vendor Spend in Real-time
Good decisions rely on good data. With Out-of-the-Box, intuitive Executive Dashboards that distill and decipher your actual Vendor Spend, make better decisions, faster.
Learn What Your Actual OEM Spend Is
Purchasing from multiple Resellers masks your ability to view what your actual spend with OEMs is. We reveal Parent/Child vendor relationships and hidden OEM spend that can drive immediate cost reduction opportunities.
Pull All Your Data into One Trusted Source
An agnostic solution that ingests data across all Financial Systems, giving you Procurement Intelligence. All Spend Data is integrated from the SAP ecosystem and outside of it.
Elevate Your Data to give Leadership Control
Extends SAP Ariba data to corporate leadership while providing much-needed LOB collaboration via Out-of-the-Box, Intuitive real-time Executive Dashboards
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• Smart: AI and Machine Learning cleans, categorizes and classifies data
• Easy: No FTE’s or expensive consultants and works with all financial systems
• Fast: Results in as little as 10 business days from project start
CIO InCight
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