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Lifecycle tool for SAP PI/PO/Cloud Integration
Figaf IRT Cloud for CPI and API mgt
Solution Types
APIs & Micro-services
Works with
SAP Cloud Platform
Benefits and Features
Faster development time of interfaces
Developers will be able to release integrations faster because the tool will enable to run regression tests, create documentation and transports much faster because of the automation.
Higher quality of integration
All integrations can be tested as a part of the delivery process. It means that iflows changes will be tested to minimize potential errors.
Faster Identification of errors
The application is an easy way to set up rules for how to process alerts. So each new error can be forward to the correct person to handle with description on how to resolve it.
Launch pad with access
Start your day in Figaf with access to all landscapes in your system. You will easily be able to see which systems you need to access to perform your development. No more need to search in bookmarks.
Change Management Tool
The Figaf tool contains one place where you can manage all your SAP CPI/API management related activities. So you have one tool that allows you to monitor the progress of each business request. You will still need your Solution Manager, ServiceNow, Jira or what tool you are using to manage the exter More
Monitoring and alerting
Be able to proactively understand what is going on with your SAP CPI/API management system, so you know how to handle events when they occur. The tool have a number of options to ease the operations process of any SAP CPI project.
Figaf started as a testing application. Testing is such a vital role of your Integration development process. We have a number of different ways to make it a lot easier for you to test your SAP CPI integration.
Plans and Pricing
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All Plans include
Launch pad
User management
Per Month
See SAP System performance
Includes 2 User
Includes 2 Connected System
Includes 30 Interface
Per Month
Same as Monitoring+
Development tracking
Link development and Business Request
Configuration of Iflows
Sharing of iflow content
Testing of iflows
Includes 5 User
Includes 3 Connected System
Includes 40 Interface
Technical Information
Solution Types
  • APIs & Micro-services
Works with
  • SAP Cloud Platform
The Figaf tools work on automation for your SAP Integration, so you can trust that your integration and business processes will continue to work. Figaf DevOps Tool is the only tool you need for handling your SAP PI/PO, CPI, and API management. The tool...
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