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Easy to Implement Gamification and on-going microlearning for SAP SuccessFactors
Centrical PULSE Core
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Encourage Learning Participation
Make SuccessFactors Learning exciting with competitions, leaderboards, points and badges. Missing out on learning means missing out on collecting rewards, advancing in levels and gaining social recognition.
Increase Learning Completion
Encourage employees to regularly review and complete all their learning assignments. Reward employees for completing learning assignments and enable them to track learning progression in real-time.
Reduce Time to Proficiency
Higher engagement translates to higher retention of knowledge and faster completion. Using gamified learning has helped our clients reduce onboarding and time to proficiency by as much as 40% with substantially improved post learning assessment scores
Drive Focus
Show employees how they are performing on their learning tasks compared to their personal goals, team benchmarks or requirements. Easily set different learning KPIs and benchmarks and reward points for activities such as completion levels, assessment scores, engagement and more.
Drive Excitement
Create a sense of friendly competition around learning by adding built in virtual leader boards and winners podiums. Learners can see how colleagues withing their learning group are doing compared to them in overall learning performance and progression and compete to gain social status and recognition.
Show Progress
With Gameffective PULSE learners can intuitively track progression in their learning programs with levels and life bars. As learners complete their assignments they progress in levels, gain acknowledgements and see where they stand towards building up their skills, certifications and knowledge.
Celebrate Success
Easily assign badges and points, recognizing employees for achievements such as learning completion, certification and knowledge levels. Drive knowledge sharing and identify organizational go-to-people with badges and social proof
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  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning
  • SAP Jam Communities