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Manage your out-of-catalog training requests with the Training Request Manager
Training Request Manager
 Flexso NV
Configure to meet your needs
A default form comes already packed with functionalities, but Flexso can customize the form, labels, workflows, emails and business logic to fit your needs
Push automatically to your LMS
Your training admins can push the request through to the LMS, and automatically have the item and scheduled offering created, and the participant enrolled.
Reduce process effort
With the TRM, you cover all coordination and documentation efforts for external trainings. Capture all required registration information, including attachments, that will allow you to register the participant. Push the relevant information to your item or session data record in the LMS.
Have all your training requests in a single view
Once a user is authenticated, he/she will get an overview screen, that shows all requests where the user is either participant, approver or requestor. Load or filter training requests to manage only relevant requests.
Define your forms
You can define different forms with each a set of fields, workflows, and associated business rules. For example, create a form for an internal training request, and one for an external request.
Drive approval flows with email notifications
Configure your workflows depending on the type and budget of your requests. Define one step, two steps or more. Every stakeholder is notified using the customizable multilingual email templates. You can monitor the status of each step in a request.
Empower all your training administrators
Whether you have one training administrator, or a whole training organization using the application, everyone can manage their part of the request flow.
Starting price range
Starting price range
Contact us for an offer below 1.000 users
  1000 User
Further price ranges
Price upon request
Further price ranges
  1000 User
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