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Digital platform for loyalty and promotions management
Masterdata Loyalty & Promo Management Platform
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Benefits and Features
Prevent customers churn
By customizing melting bonus rule and gamification boost customer retention
Accelerate retail turnover
Customize promos collaboratively with your distributors
Boost NPS
Using birthday bonus mechanics
Make your Loyalty program exciting and motivate customers to participate with game elements like badges and levels. With gamification, you can add a sense of exclusivity and friendly competition to boost participation among your customers.
Bonuses and discounts
Deliver coupons to loyal customers. With an integrated coupon system, you can upload batches of coupon codes to be issued to members automatically when they claim their rewards. The platform offers the flexibility to build gift cards into multiple user experiences including loyalty marketing, referr More
Loyalty Analytics
Track the engagement and financial impact of triggered emails such as point expiration reminders and double point event offers and the impact of transactional emails such as post-purchase rewards notifications.
Rule-based promotions
Flexible approach to stimulate sales
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Plans and Pricing
B2C/B2B Enterprise Version
Price upon request
B2C/B2B Enterprise Version
B2B — Pricing based on functionality and additional features
B2C — Pricing based on the number of contacts your customer base
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One-to-one Demo
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Technical Information
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  • SAP Marketing Cloud
  • SAP Cloud Platform
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