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Trust your supply chain
DUST Ledger
 DUST Identity
Data Management
SAP Cloud Platform
Unique & Unclonable
With 10^230 distinct IDs, each fingerprint of nanodiamonds is a unique identifier. Leveraging the inherent randomness of ensemble nanoscale systems, each DUST fingerprint cannot be reverse engineered.
Durable & Small
From the bottom of the ocean to orbit, DUST lasts for years in the harshest of environments. DUST can be applied at 0.0025mm^2, small enough to fingerprint individual resistors.
Cost Effective
High security at a low cost. Compared to existing identification methods, DUST is more cost efficient at less than $0.01 to apply at scale.
Unclonable serialization
DUST is a durable fingerprint based on the random configuration of quantum engineered nano-diamonds. DUST brings unparalleled security through an uncloneable serialization space with more than 10^230 unique identifiers.
Full provenance recording on Hyperledger
Each time DUST ID is scanned, the transaction and its associated data and metadata are saved automatically, and can be chained to SAP Hyperledger for provenance recording and immutable traceability.
Dynamic deployment
The DUST marking material can be distributed easily, without security restrictions, in support of a global supply chain.
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Basic Enterprise
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  • Data Management
  • SAP Cloud Platform
DUST Identity