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Your Products Made Better in 3D
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SAP Commerce
Benefits and Features
Innovate your customer experience
3D images are proven to increase engagement over static images as your customer can examine a product as they would in real life, truly seeing the quality and details. It helps them to purchase with confidence and results in higher conversion and less returns.
Analysis and prediction of a purchase
With Cappasity AI, you can get an insight into your customers' behavior to define their real interest in buying a product. A unique analytics tool tracks how users interact with 3D content, detects the most popular angles and shows the heat map of a product.
Scalable 3D content production
Create interactive 3D content in just 3 minutes with Cappasity software. Auto-embed 3D images into your website or mobile app and sync your catalog through SDK.
Cappasity AI
Get to know your customers better with our powerful analytics tool which allows to track customers’ behavior, detect the most popular angles and see the heat map of the product. Our algorithms analyze the data to provide unique insight that can help you improve your products, assortment and predict  More
Produce 3D images of any products 10x faster using any digital camera. Upload thousands of SKUs in 3D every day to your online store or mobile app automatically through Cappasity SDK.
Omnichannel Experience
Cappasity Cloud platform simplifies the omnichannel integration of 3D content. The 3D content shot once can be used in all sales channels simultaneously – for websites, mobile apps, AR/VR, digital signage in-store.
Auto-embed 3D images into your website and sync your catalog by SKU number through Cappasity SDK.
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  • SAP Commerce
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