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IT Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard
IT Infrastructure Monitoring
SAP Analytics Cloud
360° view of IT Infrastructure KPI's monitoring
Visualize all Infrastructure KPI's (memory, cpu, disk space, user and charms requests) at one place
Leverage readily available Solman generated data
The Solman’s managed landscape (BW/ERP etc) captures various information like users (online, offline, developer, end user etc), server parameters (memory, cpu, disc etc) and charm / transport requests from the connected systems. No need to rebuild solution, can be easily connect with existing Solma  
User Management
User contribution analysis: - User types (Dialog, Reference, Service and System) - Users by User type and Period
Resource Management
Resource (Memory, Disk, CPU) Utilization analysis - Visualize and track memory parameters for a selected system for a given period - Total memory (GB) - Utilized memory (GB) - Visualize CPU utilization for a selected systema for a given period (monthwise) - CPU Actual(%) - CUP Idle (%)
Change Management
Charms Requests analysis - Visualize no. of Charm requests per month by status - Completed - Open - In Error - Total no. of errors in production and quality
Application Management
Applications Analysis - Visualize Applications Analysis - By Application Type (Analysis office BW, Crystal Reports, Design Studio, BEx queries, Lumira, Webi etc) - By Departments
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Recurring Edition
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