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An Elegant, Simple Shift Planning Solution
Shift Planning for SAP SuccessFactors
bySuccess Solutions
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Benefits and Features
Shift planning
Add shifts to employee plans with single click or select period using interval button. Mass add shifts by selecting employees and shifts.
Create custom shifts
Standard shifts are used from SuccessFactors day model and each planner can add as many different types of shift as needed.
Fully integrated with SuccessFactors
Get the employment data and day models related to shift planning from SuccessFactors. New shifts created in the tool are automatically transferred into SuccessFactors. Plans are sent to the employee time sheets on save.
Employee’s time sheets prepopulated with plans
Employees access the plans directly in SuccessFactors time sheets and enters they attendance as usually.
Plans and Pricing
Shift Planning only
Price upon request
Technical Information
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Works with
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
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