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Enterprise Guardian  Integration with SAP SuccessFactors
Enterprise Guardian - SAP SuccessFactors Connector
 Alert Enterprise
Enterprise Guardian Integration with SAP SuccessFactors
A powerful and simple-to-use out of the box connector to SAP SuccessFactors for customers using Enterprise Guardian physical identity and access management software by AlertEnterprise Inc.
SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding
Automatic Badge Issuance at On-boarding
Reduce the burden on badge administrators so they can focus on performance. Once a new Employee is onboarded, the system automatically creates badge requests with default location based access for new hires.
Automatic Badge and Access Revocation at Termination
When an off-boarding event occurs in SAP SuccessFactors, it transfers the record to Enterprise Guardian which does the heavy lifting for you. With a single click or auto approval, an employee's badge and access get removed from all the connected physical access control systems.
Badge and Access Review for Position/Location Change
For an employee job position or location change event, the system pulls the record and automatically creates and sends an access review request to the manager for review. It can also add default access based on the new location and remove access from the old.
Deactivate Badge at Leave of Absence
Once an employee is on Leave of Absence (LOA), the system automatically deactivates the badge and while maintaining its access. When an employee returns from LOA, the system reactivates the badge.
Recurring Edition
Per Year
Recurring Edition
Enterprise Guardian or Guardian Express License is required to make this connector work
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  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding
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