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Identify Customer Behavior with RFM Score
Ctac - Retail - Customer RFM Dashboard for SAP Analytics Cloud
Increase your Customer Value
Gain status & insights of your most valuable customers. Select on customer segments, store level & promotions. Follow rates and trends with our RFM Method.
Improve your Cross and Upsell
Focus on promotions, like discounts and extra services, at the right customer types and engage them at the right time to get better results.
Customer Engagement
Customers love personalised, relevant advertisements and special offers. While planning for marketing spend, or formulating a new promotion, retail marketeers need to be careful about how they segment and target customers. It would be a waste of marketing spend if, for example, an ad campaign is tar  
Customer Satisfaction
Customers want great service! Focus on the right segments for resolving complaints. Only satisfied customers remain loyal and generate recurring business. Identifying the source of dissatisfaction and measuring satisfaction improvements allows the business to evaluate the effort needed to gain loyal customers.
Customer Journey
“Customers expect an superior buying experience and want excellent service.” Customers are not loyal enymore...The number of available alternatives is enourmous, Boundaries to do business are lowered or disappear, From mass to micromoments. So customer’s behavior has changed, they…Set the rules, Kn  
Customer Behavior
Which kind of actions take place. What are the promotions and weather effects and how can you predict the behavior of footfall by location.
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A user-friendly solution: just fun to work with
Based on 25 years of experience with IT solutions and retail industry knowledge
Possibilities to customize the platform as desired within the thoughtfully predefined retail storylines
Clear overview pages and useful filters on detail pages
The opportunity to make from each customer a real fan
Ctac - Retail - RFM Dashboard
For 1 Month(s)
Ctac - Retail - RFM Dashboard
Customer should have SAC licence
Ctac - Retail - Customer Journey Package
Ctac - Retail - Customer Journey Package
Incl. 20 days implementation time and 3-year support - before start installation assesment is required.
Ctac - Retail - Customer Engagement Package
Ctac - Retail - Customer Engagement Package
Incl. Foundation Package - 25 day Implementation time - 3-year support - before start installation assesment is required.
Ctac - Retail -Customer Satisfaction Package
Ctac - Retail -Customer Satisfaction Package
Incl. Advanced Package - 30 day Implementation time - 3 year support - - before start installation assesment is required.
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