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No more recs, journal reviews, variance analysis, clearing journals
SAP Cloud Platform
Ensures Accounting Compliance
RecEasy reviews the finance data and matches line items with backup transactions ensuring there is good finance controls in place satisfying International Accounting Standards and SOX Requirements.
Eliminates Human Error
Ensures the account figures agree with back-up files such as pdfs, excel files, screenshots and emails eliminating any errors in the accounts.
Saving Enterprises Thousands in Resource Hours and Millions in Associated Costs.
In a typical large corporate, there are 1000's of accountants, globally, spending days every month, reviewing 1000's of transactions. This is a time-consuming, manual and tedious process that RecEasy is now automating. This allows us to complete recs, jnl reviews, audit checks, clearing jnls and var  
Transactions Reviewed
RecEasy reviews the finance data instantly when the transactions get posted and ensures the account figures agree with back-up files like pdfs, screenshots, excel & emails validating the figures are correct.
Reconciliations Completed Automatically
RecEasy can then complete the account reconciliation automatically after figuring out which transactions are part of a account balance and then reviewing these transactions to ensure they are correct in features 1 and 2. Our automation allows an account to be reviewed and reconciled in 5 minutes versus 1 hour.
Accounts Cleaned up and Cleared
By cleaning up and clearing the accounts each month, the actual transactions making the account balance will be easy to see. This allows RecEasy to review the transactons that are actually part of the balance and allows us to do the reconciliation automatically. The clearing of the transactions in S  
Provides a Audit Trail
RecEasy displays a full audit trail in the transaction backup validating where amounts have come from and enabling the finance data to be quickly understood.
Free Trial
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Free Trial
This free trial allows you to view and use RecEasy with set finance data and scenarios already in the trial version. This allows you to see the benefits of RecEasy and how we are automating these finance month end tedious tasks.
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