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Transfer sales activities and processes into a digital business model
Live Contract
 SyncPilot GmbH
SAP Cloud Platform
Expedite your workflows
Enhance and accelerate your workflows and processes in consultation and digital sales by simply integrating Live Contract into the enterprise environment.
Flexibility and productivity at any time
The agents is able to execute the entire consultation and sales process at anytime, anywhere and across any device.
Customer loyalty
Due to a state-of-the-art solution, Live Contract facilitates an interactive consultation service and a digital customer care that is available at any time.
Extract Customer Data from SAP
All relevant customer data from SAP Sales or Marketing Cloud or any other SAP System can be extracted and connected to the SAP Cloud Platform Integration with only one click.
Load Customer Data into Live Contract
Load customer data from any SAP System into Live Contract and use them immediately in every forms, contracts, calculation tools or any other web content that is integrated in Live Contract.
Consult and sell online
Consult your client and sell, no matter where your client is. At home, in the office or on vacations, there are no boundaries. With Live Contract you can sell and conclude contracts online with all relevant data and information that are required during your entire sales process.
Integration overview
Integration overview of SAP Cloud Platform Services and Live Contract.
Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition
Acquisition of a one-time license. License fee for installing Live Contract on a self-hosted server. The purchase of a one-time license includes 10 lifetime user licenses. Minimum amount of licenses is 100.
  10 User
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