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Automated, Hassle-Free  Contract Lease Reporting
TrueNorth SAC-Enhanced CLM for S/4 HANA
 Sierra Digital Inc
World-Class Technology Rapidly Deployed
TrueNorth SAC-Enhanced CLM blends two core SAP technologies in one: SAP-CLM and SAC. Not only do you get the functionality you require in Disclosure & Reporting, you also benefit from Analytics & Visualization capabilties assured with SAC. And, given that TrueNorth features a wide range of pre-built  
Enriched Reporting Experience
SAP-CLM sets the industry standard by offering comprehensive features and functionality. TrueNorth SAC-Enhanced CLM synthesizes the most-used features and functions, coupling them with intuitive SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics & Visualizations in order to enhance the quality of work output, while saving time and money.
Simple & Intuitive Interface
TrueNorth SAC-Enhanced CLM is designed specifically for ease-of-use. With dashboards you'll customize to fit your work needs, TrueNorth makes building and managing CLM simple and efficient.
Automated Statutory Disclosure Reporting
Eliminate the exhaustive time and effort previously invested in Statutory Disclosure Reporting. Using TrueNorth's automated reporting features, reporting that used to take months can be completed in mere hours.
Enhanced Forecasting Analytics
Access built-in Asset-Based Rent Analysis for deeper insights about Cash Flow and Expenses.
Increased Contract Payments Visibility
TrueNorth SAC-Enhanced CLM facilitates deep visibility into Contract Payments in order to unveil hidden insights. With greater insight, you're equipped to optimize CLM performance.
Multiple Device Access
TrueNorth SAC-Enhanced CLM is designed to function capably in both Desktop and Mobile modes. The solution is fully integrated with the SAP Analytics Mobile App, enabling on-the-go management of your entire CLM workload.
Standard Package
Standard Package
Free trial for 30 days period. Can be downloaded from SAC 3rd Party business content network.
Standard CLM Dashboards & Reports
Comparison with Previous Year Values available
SAP Digital Boardroom Story
Environment Audit
Solution Configuration in S/4 HANA
Testing, Support & Knowledge Transfer
Premium Packs, including unlimited customization options, are also available. Contact Us for details & pricing.
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