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Ensure You Have Correct Customer Address Information in SAP Business ByDesign
All for One Steeb - Address Validation
byB4B Solutions GmbH
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SAP Business ByDesign
Benefits and Features
Optimize your data
By automatically checking and correcting your customer address data, errors and typos often occurring when entering data manually will be fixed. This will offer you complete, correct and consistent adress data information in your SAP Business ByDesign system and will allow you to retrieve these data at any time.
Save valuable time
The Address Validation App will automatically check, complete and add information to your customer address data which means that you will no longer have to manually check or process data but will have the chance to quickly, efficiently and more easily enter and process as much data as you want at the same time.
Add information to your reports
The All for one Steeb - Address Validation App offers you to add relevant geodata to the customer address information stored in your system. This will allow you to create more detailled reports or to indicate your customers‘ places of business on a map.
Use mass data runs to manage your customer adress data
Manage and process your customer address data using mass data runs. This will allow you to check, correct and complete as much data as you wish at the same time. You may also add information (e.g. relevant geo data) or exclude addresses which have already been checked at an earlier time from mass da More
Geodata integration
Add relevant geodata to your customer address information by either performing a mass data run or by processing individual addresses only. This will help you to display your customer address data more efficiently in your reports or to indicate your customers’ places of business on a map.
Plans and Pricing
Standard Edition
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Standard Edition
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Includes unlimited User
Technical Information
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Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Business ByDesign
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