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Automate Your Process and Improve the Candidate Experience
First Advantage Background Screening SAP Fieldglass Integration
 First Advantage
SAP Fieldglass
Ordering through Profile Advantage, our mobile-friendly screening portal, allows customers to capture candidate information quickly and easily.
Reduced Time to Hire
This integration electronically captures candidate information, eliminating the need to manage paper by digitizing the collection of information required for screening purposes.
Reduced Errors and Time Delays
Together, First Advantage and SAP Fieldglass incorporate enhanced data validation features that prevent incomplete or missing information.
Largest Global Capabilities
Serving 200+ countries and territories around the globe
Fastest Turnaround Time Enabling Faster Time to Hire
90% of screens delivered in 24 hours. 90% of Verifications are performed in less than three days. Six Sigma plus strategic process automation for operational excellence. Fast fill in of missing information.
The Best Client Care Promotes Our Customers’ Success
Consultative, best practice account management and industry-leading customer care. Fast, accurate package setup and changes. Real-time visibility into case status. Simple, concise, accurate billing. System availability: >99.5%
Background Check- Social Security Trace, National/County Criminal Searches
Background Check- Social Security Trace, National/County Criminal Searches
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