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Work with SAP IS-U From Anywhere on Mobile
bycronos Unternehmensberatung GmbH
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Benefits and Features
Reduce expenditure
Allow field service employees to capture disconnection, reconnection and meter reading results directly in SAP IS-U.
A third party IT-system for the down-/upload of process-results is not required.
The process chain regarding disconnection and reconnection of meters are digitized.
Mobile connection
Mobile connection to SAP IS-U regarding the disconnection and reconnection process chain. Field service employees can use a normal smartphone to capture results of the disconnection and reconnection of meters. Separate MDE-devices are not required any more.
Live Data Connection
An asynchronous up-/ download of results sometimes only at the end of the day are not required any longer. SWIPmobile[GO] allows a directly communication with the processes in SAP IS-U.
Offline ability
SWIPmobile[GO] provides offline ability when field service employees i. e. want to capture results in a basement without a communication link.
Push notification
SWIPmobile[GO] provides push notifications to the field service employees to react to current changes i. e. when the endcustomer has payed the invoice. Unnecessary process inputs are thus prevented.
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Free Trial
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1 Month max. contract duration
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  • SAP Cloud Platform
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